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Do You Struggle To Quit Smoking?
Have You Tried to Quit more than once?

Have you been “Quitting” or “Stopping” for years but you’re still smoking?

Will you Continue Struggling to Quit?
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Will you continue to struggle with your thoughts about quitting possibly never quitting???
Stay with me and I’ll show you a better path to quit smoking completely while stopping the struggle you’ve been going through.
Many of my clients have attempted a variety of ways to quit:
  •  The Patch
  •  Prescription Drugs
  •  Cold Turkey or the "Grin and Bear It" Method
  •  Punishing Themselves
  •  The Gum
They’ve even tried hypnosis, acupuncture, and therapy!

Several of my clients told me: “I would take the patch off, smoke a cigarette, and put the patch on again.” One even explained, “I just smoked while I was wearing the patch.”

Others have reported nightmares while using certain prescription drugs. One gentleman reported punching his wife during one of these nightmares. 

That must’ve been a rude awakening!
I'm Michael Messmer, Certified Hypnotist, EFT/Tapping Coach
I want you to stop smoking 
With Confidence!
Is Hypnosis The Magic Bullet?
Many people report quitting smoking with hypnosis. But, is hypnosis the magic bullet it seems to be?
So, how do you know if this will NOT work for you? Check this list to see if your reason(s) to quit are here:
  •   You want your partner to stop nagging you
  •   You're doing it to satisfy your kids
  •   You like smoking and aren't willing to stop
  •   You want someone to wave a magic wand
  •   You aren't willing to make even small changes to your   daily routine.
As a Certified Hypnotist, in my experience, if you aren’t willing to stop, if you don’t have a personal reason for quitting, then you could go back to smoking or not quit at all.

If you don’t have a “personal for you” reason to quit, if you’re trying to quit because, your doctor said so, or your spouse or kids are nagging you but, you aren’t ready to quit, then hypnosis is a waste of your money.

Your Personal Reason to Change Makes All The Difference!

When you are ready to stop for your own personal reasons, then a customized stop smoking program is promising for you. The key is your willingness to follow the program and do easy daily practice (takes 5 minutes or less) to accomplish your goal.
Do you want to work with someone who follows a script or do you want your individual needs addressed?
Without discovering your triggers for smoking, what motivates you to stop, or how your habit affects you, how can a hypnotist expect to help you in the long term?
So the script they read is filled with clever metaphors, and sayings, like “Every time you see red, red, red, you become more determined to reach your goal…” These canned suggestions can work in the short term but, without proper reinforcement they fade quickly.

Hypnosis isn’t passive you must take part in the process

“Just put me under and fix the problem…” is not really how hypnosis works. You’re aware of the suggestions and everything being said. You can remember everything you want to remember.

You’ll use self hypnosis to reinforce the changes you desire daily. So you continually build confidence in your own ability to leave smoking behind.

You are a part of your solution by taking small easy actions on a daily basis.
Is Hypnosis the ONLY Method?
You'll need some strategies for dealing with thoughts, stress, and cravings in the moment.
You’ll learn and use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping to relieve cravings, stress, and triggers of your habit. 

Tapping is exactly what it sounds like. You tap on acupuncture points on your face and upper body while you focus on specific stresses, cravings, and triggers that keep you in the smoking habit.

Smoking is a way of relieving yourself from thinking about those things, taking the pressure off. But when those things come back, you reach for another cigarette.

When you practice a different strategy to deal with what’s going on in your life, you can preempt feeling stressed or upset so smoking is no longer needed to move away from those things.
Why does smoking seem to reduce stress?
When you feel stressed, your breath becomes more shallow and quick. When you inhale a cigarette, you breathe deeper and slower.
The action of breathing deeper and slower triggers a calming response in the body. That’s why deep breathing is part of stress management.

You'll learn a specific breathing technique to help you reduce stress in the moment. Using this breathing technique, you reduce tension, cravings and more. 
Breathing deeply triggers relaxation
the same way smoking does.
Try breathing deeper when you feel stressed and/or want a cigarette. Just fill your lungs deep into your abdomen, hold in the air for a few moments, then slowly exhale while counting to 10.
How long does the 
smokers stop here program take?
The Program is 5 weeks of individual sessions (up to 75 minutes each) customized to your needs so you get the most out of it!
The first week, we’ll discuss your smoking habit, you’ll practice in the moment techniques to deal with cravings (like tapping and breathing) and you’ll experience the hypnotic state receiving the custom suggestions developed from your answers about your habit.

In the second week, you’ll learn EFT/Tapping and how to use it for a variety of things that may come up in your life. This will help you to deal with stressful situations effectively so you have less reason to use tobacco.

Each week we'll evaluate your progress, and discuss what happened during the previous week to discover how to approach the hypnosis and tapping for that session.

This makes the program customized to what you need so you get the most out of it.
What do i do between sessions?
Easy daily self hypnosis, tapping and breath work takes only a few moments each day.
The exercises are designed to preempt episodes of smoking as well as provide a means to use in the moment should desire or craving to smoke arise.

Self hypnosis reinforces your new habits so you remain successful throughout the program and beyond.

The exercises only take a few minutes each morning and a few minutes each evening.
How do i prepare for my 1st session?
You'll continue smoking and as you do, you'll prepare to break up with your cigarettes.
In a word: Smoke. You’ll continue to smoke as before but as you smoke, you’ll have a conversation with your cigarettes. In this conversation you’ll be saying things like:

“Look, we’ve been friends for a long time now. And you’ve done a lot for me. Helped me with stress, pressures at work, finding time to be alone…” and on like that.


“But, you’ve also been stabbing me in the back. You’ve hurt my health. You make my clothes stink. I not going to hang around with you anymore.”

Very cathartic and you are preparing to give up your cigarettes once you start the program.
Why 5 Sessions?
One Session Wonders are unusual. The majority of the time, smokers return to smoking without a personalized program.
You may know someone who has stopped smoking after just one hypnosis session. The smoker who experiences this has already mentally prepared to stop altogether and just needed that push over the edge.

Most people need to work through stresses, habitual thought patterns and beliefs about themselves to fully rid themselves of going back to the habit.

This program is designed to help you work through the habit, the triggers, and the upsets that could send you back to smoking so you're not just a "non-smoker", you get away from the smoking all together.
Do I have to give up my cigarettes right away?
Most people do. I ask that you bring your remaining cigarettes to the first session and leave them here. 
I will dispose of them. I will not give them back.
What if I smoke after my first session?
Smoking after the first session is common. 
So, here's a story about a client who did.
Sarah came in on a Tuesday morning for her first session. Everything went well and she left her cigarettes behind. 

When she came back for her second session the following Tuesday, the look on her face told me she had smoked.

As we began the session, Sarah told me everything went well until Thursday evening when she met a friend for drinks. 

Her friend wanted a cigarette so they both went outside. Sarah bummed two cigarettes from her friend. 

She said she felt so guilty for smoking after her first session.

I waited to hear more but, that seemed to be the end of the story so, I asked “Then what happened?”

“Nothing,” Sarah told me.

“What do you mean nothing?”

“Well, I didn’t smoke any more after that.”

“So, you’re telling me that you went from a pack and a half a day down to 2 cigarettes in a week and you’re upset by that? Look at the tremendous progress you made!”

The look on Sarah’s face went from disappointed and down to excited as she realized the great leap forward she had made.

Many people beat themselves up and feel as though they’ve failed if they have even one cigarette.

The truth is, this is a process and the only way to fail is to GIVE UP ALTOGETHER!

So, Sarah and I worked on her feelings of guilt using the tapping technique, reinforced her success with hypnosis and she went on to stop smoking altogether from that point.
What some of My Clients Say:
I just couldn't believe I had stopped.  At first it was reduced to 7 a day. I counted everyone of those cigarettes. Then 3 a day. When I stopped altogether, I was amazed how I went all day without thinking about cigarettes. I set up a followup for a month after the program just in case. Today I cancelled the followup because I don't need it!

Lynn Stopped Smoking 2016
“I am happy to report that I have not had a cigarette since April 22, 2012 and today is July 16, 2013! I’m doing really well and haven’t had even one setback since completing your program. I really appreciate it and I am glad I made the investment.”

Shari R. Stopped Smoking 2012
“I am doing Great! I have not smoked since our session and I am without cravings. You arranged everything perfectly.”

Ellen Stopped Smoking 2012
“Michael, I thank you so much for the sessions. I can’t tell you how good I feel. I get in my car and I have no urge to smoke. And I haven’t used the nicotine gum either.”

Rick Barnes Stopped Smoking 2013
“After Leaving, I was amazed that my desire to smoke was gone. Even though I thought about it, it was actually gone. As the days went on, I thought less and less about smoking. This may sound hard to believe but, if you actually want to stop smoking, and you are willing to make the effort, this process actually works!”

Jim Stopped Smoking 2011
"My Husband and I were walking into the party and all my friends were outside smoking. The smell didn't bother me. I just didn't have any desire. You know we greeted everybody and went inside."

Beth Stopped Smoking 2011

How Do I get Started?
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