Hypnosis, A Proven Treatment for Trichotillomania


Hypnosis works — even though nothing else has.

Early in 2002, a young woman came into my office. She shared that her embarrassment about her hair pulling affected almost every aspect of her life. She was afraid to go swimming in case someone noticed her bald spot. She hated that she could only wear her hair in one style. Even being in the locker room made her uncomfortable.

I quickly learned how much shame trichotillomania can cause.

She tried wearing gloves at night. That didn’t work. She carried a stress ball with her. Nothing stopped her.

Hypnosis was her last resort.


“Since I was about 10 I have dealt with hair pulling, or trichotillomania. I was in no way the worst case, but I lived in a constant fear that someone would see a bald spot and start asking questions.

I have tried prescriptions, behavior modification and therapy over the years and nothing ever worked. On a whim, I decided to try Hypnosis. I was absolutely amazed. I can now stop myself before I even start, and the majority of the time the thought no longer even enters my head.

I would recommend Hypnosis to anyone seeking a positive change in their lives. It was truly a great decision to go to Wendy.” -Jennifer R., age 28, Chester Springs, PA

shame over trichotillomania


There’s more than one way to treat and stop trichotillomania. Most people try the “willpower treatment”. This treatment requires that you be aware of what your hands are doing every moment of every day. Then you use all the willpower you can muster to keep your hands away from your hair, and even sit on them to prevent hair pulling.

Therapy is a popular treatment for trichotillomania and has been used for decades. Therapy can be effective, however it can take a long time, even years, to overcome your habit.

Using hypnosis for the treatment of trichotillomania is a rapid, effective way to stop the habit of pulling hair. Hypnosis addresses many of the underlying issues and helps you to easily substitute a healthier habit.

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Mary was a lovely 36 year old woman who had been pulling her eyelashes out since she was about 6 years old. She had given up all hope of ever seeing her lashes grow and wearing mascara. A friend had read that trichotillomania can be overcome easily with hypnosis, so Mary made an appointment.

During her first three sessions we worked together on her hair pulling habit. Using hypnosis and EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique), she created a new habit to replace her old one. After each session, she noticed that she was pulling less and less.

By the eighth session, Mary hadn’t pulled her hair for a month.

She was amazed.

A year later she sent me a photo and a note. She was smiling and happy. Her beautiful eyelashes had grown in and she had replaced her glasses with contacts. Her note read “Trichotillomania – gone!”

“I was surprised that hypnosis could help to cure my trichotillomania. Before I went to see Wendy I didn’t think I could ever overcome my trichotillomania and I almost gave up.After the first session I found myself actually wanting to practice my new skills and felt confident in myself. I’m very happy that I can finally control myself and have overcome my disease. What I learned was that being patient and staying strong really makes you feel better about yourself. – Rachel Alwyne, age 20, Philadelphia, PA


Yes. Other girls and women have done this, and you can too.
Getting help with hypnotherapy is the easiest way to overcome your trichotillomania.

As a Certified Hypnotist I help you work directly with that part of your mind that keeps repeating your old habit of pulling your hair. As a result you create a new and healthy habit which will replace your hair pulling – permanently.

Is hypnosis a magic pill? Of course not (though sometimes it feels as if it is).


Skype or Google Video are both easy alternatives to getting help in our office. Women from as far as Australia, Chicago, and Michigan have overcome trich over Skype calls.

While you are in the process of getting over the habit of hair pulling or trichotillomania, you’ll also learn a technique called Tapping (also known as EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique). One major benefit of learning EFT is that you can use this to help you in other aspects of your life – to feel better, more confident, and reduce stress.

“I have had an excellent week this week. It has now been ten days since I last touched which I am very proud of! :) I have had stressful tests, movies, boring classes and annoying friends but haven’t slipped once. :) I have put into place my tapping everyday as well!”


Generally treatment for trichotillomania takes about 8 sessions.  This is because it takes time to learn and integrate new habits and tools into your life.  Each day you practice and each week we work together to help you change so that you no longer pull. When trichotillomania is no longer an issue and you feel in control, then there is no need to go any longer.

An important part of your program is to find new ways to handle stressors in your life and help you feel better about yourself.


It’s not unusual to have a different version of trichotillomania. Rather than pulling hair, some people have a habit of pulling their split ends apart. Some women even obsessively cut their split ends because they are so bothersome. Pulling eyebrows, eyelashes, pulling and cutting hair can also be helped with hypnosis.

NOTE:  Personal sessions are available via SKYPE.
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