EFT Tapping Sessions; Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping is a powerful technique which enables you to reduce stress, and neutralize fears and negative thoughts. You can get rid of issues and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from reaching your goals. You can increase your confidence and feel good about yourself. You can use it to keep yourself calm when worry starts to take over.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the most powerful self-help techniques I’ve ever come across, though when I first heard of it, I was extremely skeptical. I now teach EFT to each of my hypnosis clients because it is an effective tool to use in all aspects of their lives – whether home, school, or at work.

I’ve been using EFT and I feel happier and in more control of my emotions. It’s given me a whole new bright outlook on my life that I never knew I could feel.”  
Sharon B., Jenkintown, PA


    • Breaking free from negative thinking and low self-esteem
    • Breaking old patterns of behaviors
    • Attracting exciting and fulfilling relationships
    • Freedom from distressing emotions
    • Achieving the goals you desire in life


  • Your phobias and fears and neutralize your worries
  • Conquer compulsive overeating
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Learn how to manifest the law of attraction to work for you
  • Learn EFT and live your best and most satisfying life with…

At The Center of Success in Wayne, PA, we help people through life’s transitions – with hypnosis, EFT (Tapping), and Thought Training.

Don’t live in the Philadelphia area or mainline suburbs? We offer hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of your home using Skype and Google Video.

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Just as acupuncture eliminates physical imbalances in the body’s system, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique uses accupressure tapping to eliminate negative emotions and feelings. Over the many years people have been tapping, many have found that EFT can reduce or eliminate physical issues too.

Every client of mine learns Tapping to improve his/her life. Clients who want to move forward in their career and personal life learn that EFT Tapping can neutralize old beliefs that have been holding them back. When blocks and limiting beliefs no longer stop you, it’s easy to move forward and do what you want, without that familiar internal struggle that stopped you in the past.

In addition to increasing confidence, EFT Tapping can help you break old habits, where nothing else works. Since 2001 I have been helping women successfully overcome trichotillomania (the compulsion to pull hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows) using both EFT and hypnosis techniques

Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies, EFT Tapping has proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. Tapping applies to just about every emotional, health and performance issue you can name and often works where nothing else will.

Skeptical? Click here to read the surprising story about how EFT eliminated a debilitating migraine headache for Wendy Merron’s sister.

Contact Wendy today to move past issues and find peace of mind with EFT tapping (the Emotional Freedom Technique).

Learn more about EFT Tapping

At The Center of Success we offer EFT Training Workshops three times a year.  If you are interested in learning this powerful technique you can attend a workshop or schedule a private session with Wendy Merron. We also provide private and group EFT workshops at your location or ours. Contact us today, for details.